4 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Having an attractive smile is no longer just a luxury for celebrities. With the advancements made in cosmetic dentistry, you can enhance the appearance of your teeth and have that beautiful smile you have always desired. 

If you are hearing about cosmetic dental work for the first time, you may not know the options available for you. Here are the four types of procedures that you may consider. 

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a good option if you have slightly crooked teeth, chipped teeth, discolored teeth, or space between teeth. Thus, apart from having cosmetic abilities, they also have restorative properties. 

There are various types of veneers, including porcelain, composite, palatal, and removable veneers. Your dentist will guide you through each of these types to determine the most suitable one for you. The veneers are cemented on the front part of the affected tooth in a relatively quick procedure and the result is massively appealing.  

Composite Dental Bonding

Composite bonding utilizes a material that resembles tooth enamel to repair decayed, damaged, or stained teeth. Your dentist begins by eliminating all decay from the affected tooth before applying a composite to the surface. 

Once in place, the dentist will adjust the material to fit your tooth's exact size and shape before finally curing it with a high-intensity light. Typically, this is one of the most cost-effective procedures in cosmetic dentistry. 

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are discolored due to old age or effects from foods, drinks, or personal habits like smoking, teeth whitening gives you a chance to restore those pearly whites. The dentist first removes the tartar, plaque, or any debris that may be stuck on your teeth before applying a tooth whitening gel between intervals. 

It's important to understand that teeth whitening may not be suitable for all people. Therefore, it's recommendable that the procedure is done in-office with the help of a certified dentist. 

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth affects the quality of your smile and your ability to perform basic functions like chewing. If you're looking for an option that restores your beautiful smile while also looking and functioning like a real tooth, you cannot go wrong with a dental implant. 

During a dental implant operation, the dentist places a metal device, usually made of titanium, into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. This implant serves as the anchor to the dental crown that replaces the actual missing tooth. 

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