Why Dental Implants May Be A Better Choice Than Dentures For Most People

Posted on: 14 May 2021

Missing teeth can be a significant issue for some people, and if you are missing enough teeth that you need a denture to replace them, you may find it hard to tolerate them. Replacing the teeth you are missing with dental implants can be a better solution, and if you are only missing a few teeth, the dentist can put the implants in place very quickly. 

Single Tooth Implants

For people that are only missing one or even two teeth, but they are in a noticeable spot, like the front of your mouth, you may want to have the tooth replaced with a single implant. The tooth can be made in the lab to match your existing teeth, and then a post is surgically put into the bone and the tooth affixed to the stud. 

Once the stuff and tooth are in place, the tooth will never come out, and when it is done right, it will look natural. Many times the new tooth can look so good that no one notices it at all. The key to blending the new tooth in is getting the shape and color of the teether correct and then seating it correctly when it is put in place. 

The dentist can use the single-tooth implant method to replace several teeth in different parts of the mouth if you have several missing teeth that are not close together.

Multiple Tooth Replacements

Often multiple tooth replacements can be done in several ways. The detail implants can be put in one tooth at a time, or an entire denture style implant bridge can be made and then anchored to four to five posts put in during dental implant surgery. The recovery from the surgery that involves putting a bridge plate in is often easier, but some people still want the teeth to be put in individually for a more natural look. 

The denture style bridge is made in advance, and then the posts are put in place that will hold it. The plate can be snapped onto the studs and be made to be removed to clean it, or the dentist can permanently install it, so it never comes out. Most people prefer the permanent solution because the dental implants will not move around when eating, and cleaning them involves simply brushing them like natural teeth.

Cost Of Dental Implants

The cost of having dental implants installed is going to differ by the amount of work you need. Often these procedures are not covered by your insurance company, so you may need to pay for the work out of pocket. Check with your insurance company to determine if you have coverage for implants or not, and talk to a dentist about the procedure, the cost, and to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants if you're interested in them.