When Your Child Should See A Dentist Over A Loose Or Missing Tooth

Posted on: 24 October 2018

Does your child have a loose or missing tooth? Do you have concerns about when your children will start to lose their teeth, or have you had problems or concerns over your child's oral health in the past?

Children start losing their teeth at a certain age, and once teeth start to come out, new permanent teeth are ready to take their places. When should your child see a dentist over a missing or loose tooth? Use this guide to assist you.

Teeth aren't coming loose

Does your child complain about painful teeth but their teeth aren't actually coming loose at all? Are their gums swollen and bleeding yet a tooth is still stubbornly in place? A problem could be that your child's permanent tooth is actually coming in behind or in front of the baby tooth so the baby tooth isn't encouraged to come loose. A simple fix, your dentist will simply pull the baby tooth for your child to ease their discomfort.

Teeth are coming in crooked

Does it look like your child's teeth are coming in crooked? Are their teeth coming in above the gum line or in a strange way? If so, call your child's dentist to have them give your child an oral exam. When permanent teeth come in at an odd angle, they can be left that way for good and early intervention can help your dentist determine if braces or other dental needs will be required in the future.

Teeth are lost unnaturally

Does your child have a tooth that got knocked loose and you aren't sure if it's a permanent tooth or a baby tooth? Was a baby tooth knocked out or lost in an unnatural way? If so, then you should make an appointment with your child's dentist just to be on the safe side. You don't know if nerve damage has been caused by tooth injury, so take your child to the dentist just to be sure.

Teeth are very painful

A new tooth shouldn't be super painful when it first comes in. If your child complains of swelling, a bad taste in their mouth, something painful, or other issues, then they may have a mouth infection that needs dental help. Your child's dentist will check your child's mouth for signs of infection and will treat your child's condition with expertise and care. The right dentist will make losing teeth easier for children.

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