Modern Dentistry Makes It More Comfortable For You To Undergo Dental Procedures With Sedation Dentistry

Posted on: 13 April 2018

Adults and children in their first visit to a dentist do so with some trepidation as the dental assistant gets the dental tray ready for your dentist. A good idea that works for lots of dental patients is to not look at the instruments in that dental tray. Quite frankly the best thing to do as an adult or child is to close your eyes once the procedure begins so that you can't view any of those sharp instruments. The fearsome-looking instruments can cause a child to bail out of the dental chair and start looking for an exit. Modern dentistry, however, makes it much easier for you or a child to undergo any dental procedure with the use of sedation dentistry.

About Sedation Dentistry

There are different levels of sedation dentistry, which your dentist can use to make your dental experience more comfortable while performing your dental work. Your dentist, however, will first check your medical history record before recommending the use of sedation dentistry.

Types Of Sedation

Minimal sedation means you will be sedated but awake and feeling relaxed. You will receive the nitrous gas through a mask that is placed over your nose. You also have the option of undergoing oral sedation. You'll doze off after the oral sedation dosage but still remain somewhat conscious. If you choose to undergo general anesthesia, you'll be completely unconscious throughout the entire procedure. Rest assured though that you are continuously monitored by your dentist when you undergo sedation dentistry. 

Not all dental procedures will require anesthesia. However, extraction of a tooth can be painful. For that reason, your dentist will numb the area where the tooth will be removed. Having a root canal is painful. There is inflammation collecting in the tooth's soft tissue, which makes the procedure quite distressing. It's also very painful when you must have a cavity filled. The gum sites for all these procedures must also be numbed to ease the pain.

Sedation For Other Dental Treatments

Sedation dentistry is often used when you're about to undergo quite a few extensive dental treatments all at once. So sedation removes the anxious feelings you may be having about what's going to take place. You may have a sensitive gag reflex, and sedation dentistry also gets you through this process.

Calming And Very Safe Sedation Dentistry

There are some patients who cannot sit still while being treated by their dentists. Children, some of whom are quite young, cannot cooperate during their procedures. So sedation dentistry really helps these children by calming them down. You as parents really don't have to worry about your young kids receiving sedation dentistry, because this type of dentistry is quite safe.