What Does It Mean If You Have A Loose Tooth?

Posted on: 27 June 2017

It can be exciting for kids to notice that one of their baby teeth is wiggling, but it can fill an adult with dread to experience the same thing with an adult tooth. If you think that one of your teeth seems to be loose, read this guide to learn why your tooth might have some wiggle to it and what you need to do about it.

Dead Root

The teeth are made up of several parts, including the root that lies beneath the surface of your gums. This root not only helps to send signals and blood flow to the tooth, but it also harnesses the tooth into your jaw bone. If the root is lost or damaged, the tooth may become loose or fall out entirely.

Tooth roots should never simply die or shrivel up on their own. However, with long-term neglect to oral health, it's possible for a tooth root to die. Gum disease can destroy a tooth root, as well as tooth or gum infections.

Jaw Bone Loss

Another possibility is that the density of your jaw bone has reduced to the point that the roots of your teeth can't hold the teeth in anymore.

Your tooth roots should snugly fit into your jaw, but when jaw bones weaken due to age, damage, poor nutrition, or from losing other teeth, that tight fit may be lost. In this case, the root of your tooth may still be alive and healthy, but your jaw isn't doing a good job of keeping it in place.

See Dentist

Whether it's due to the root of your tooth or your jaw, you should see a dentist right away for help in this matter.

The good news is, even if the root of your tooth has died or is damaged, there's still a good chance that your dentist can save your tooth. This can be achieved with a root canal by removing the dead or damaged root and reattaching the tooth. However, this can only be done before the tooth itself dies from a lack of blood flow, so time is of the essence.

If your jaw is the problem, your dentist can examine your jaw to determine if your bone density has fallen. Vitamin supplements and jaw exercises may be able to help strengthen your jaw again. If that's not enough, a bone graft can be performed in order to replace the missing bone matter.

If your teeth are loose or wiggling, you shouldn't wait to see a dentist like George J Mendel DMD. Get help right away to ensure that your oral health is maintained.