Ways An Orthodontist Fixes An Overbite And Gap From A Missing Tooth

Posted on: 11 April 2016

If your teen child has an overbite and is congenitally missing a lower molar, an orthodontist might be able to fix these issues and straighten the child's teeth with braces and temporary anchorage devices (TADs). Here are several things you should realize about braces and these specific issues.

How braces correct an overbite

When a child has an overbite, it means that the child's upper jaw is positioned too far forward. To fix this, braces are often used in a way that forces the upper jaw back and the lower jaw forward. In addition to using braces, the orthodontist is also likely to require the use of rubber bands.

Rubber bands will attach from the child's upper braces to the lower braces in a way that places pressure to force the upper jaw back and the lower jaw forward. This process will take time, but it can usually be an effective method for repairing an overbite.

The complications of a missing lower tooth

In this situation, a missing lower tooth creates several problems. The first problem is the gap that it creates. When a tooth is congenitally missing, it means there is no permanent tooth in that particular spot. The child will never grow a tooth there, which means there will be a gap there once the baby tooth falls out.

The second problem this gap creates is how it can be closed. When a molar tooth is missing on the lower jaw, the person's front teeth will naturally begin to move back to try to fill in this gap. If this occurs, the person's overbite will worsen though, and this is why an orthodontist must take another step to cause the back teeth to move forward in order to fill in this gap.

How TADS help

This is one of the only situations when an orthodontist might recommend using a TAD. This device is like a screw, and the orthodontist will use it to connect the front lower teeth to the tooth on the other side of the gap. In other words, it will fill in the gap. The purpose is to prevent the front teeth from moving backwards and to help the back teeth move inwards in a way that fills the gap.

These are the common steps used in orthodontics to fix overbites and gaps in molars. If you have any questions about braces or overbites, contact an orthodontist at a local clinic like Waterford Dental