2 Restorative Methods For Whitening Teeth That Have Weak Enamel

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Enamel can become weak for a number of reasons included regular consumption of acidic foods, poor dental habits, and sickness. Once the enamel becomes weak, the dentin will begin to show through your teeth. This causes your teeth to have a yellow hue and can lead to increased sensitivity. Weak enamel may not be as responsive to bleaching treatments as healthier enamel typically is. Therefore, if you want to whiten your teeth, restorative methods may be more effective and safer for your teeth. Restorative methods not only provide a whiter smile, but they attempt to restore the health of your teeth for future use.

Get Veneers Installed

Veneers are a popular restorative dental procedure for teeth that have been chipped, cracked or are permanently stained. Dental veneers are applied by creating a smooth surface on the front of your teeth and bonding the veneer to the surface of your teeth. Before application, your dentist will shape and contour your veneers to create a uniform look that matches the other teeth in your mouth. This procedure takes longer than a typical bleaching procedure, but if done properly, it can hold up for years without issues with staining. It is important to remember that once a veneer has been applied it is difficult to have it removed without jeopardizing the health of your teeth.

Install a Dental Crown

A dental crown is often one of the first options that are considered when treating a tooth that is extremely damaged. A crown is placed over the tooth in order to protect it from further decay or damage. When installing a dental crown, your dentist will allow you to choose a color that either matches the rest of your teeth or brightens your smile. During the crown installation process, your dentist will shave down the tooth in order to create a smooth surface for the crown to adhere to. If you are suffering from weak enamel, then you may experience an increase in tooth decay. Your enamel is the wall that protects your teeth from damage from sugary foods and bacteria. The weaker this wall becomes, the easier it will be for your teeth to become damaged. A dental crown can not only create a whiter smile, but it can also help to protect your weakened teeth from further damage.

Whitening your teeth using bleaching compounds can weaken your enamel even further. Therefore, use these restorative dental procedures in order to get the brighter smile that you desire. Talk to your dentist or periodontist for more information.